We can design virtually any type of website from simple pages that establish your web presence to full scale e-commerce site. We are dedicated to designing a website that will be an exact fit for your business; therefore, please contact us for a design quote. We will evaluate your needs and go over exactly how the website will benefit your business.

Unlike other web design firms that claim they can design your site for a fixed sum, DXF Enterprises, Inc. will give you a quote appropriate for your site. At each stage we will seek your opinion and modify the design according to your feedback. We will not force our ideas on you, but will work with you to design a site that is both elegant and functional.

Generally the design fees range from $500 to $10,000 depending on the complexity of the website. Features that add complexity to your website are:
Number of documents

Naturally interactive sites, such as e-commerce sites, require additional time to setup the appropriate database, design forms through which you can access and modify the database as well as design the forms through which the customers will access your site.