We Offer Secure Web Sites
through SSL by Thawte

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DXF Enterprises, Inc. can create a wide variety of e-commerce applications and other custom applications. We use the latest database and web interface technology that guarantees speed, reliability and, as your business grows, scalability.

What kind of applications can we design? Virtually anything your business can conceive of:
  • On-line Catalogs
  • Shopping Carts
  • Reservation Systems
  • Reminder Services Applications
  • Mailing lists
  • Member Services Applications
  • Password Protected/Restricted Use Applications
  • Auto-Response Systems
We use the latest web interface technology along with a state-of-the-art database that ensures the user can access the information as quickly as possible. Our database is integrated into the operating system and we use native (non-cgi) technology to access the database from the web. This ensures maximum speed possible.

Scalability & Reliability
The database technology we use is widely used and has been proven to work in very large enterprises, such as banks and hospitals. This technology allows your business to expand to virtually any size without a noticable decrease in speed. There are no known reliability issues as the size of the database grows. There are enterprises running thousands of concurrent users using this technology.

We offer secure web sites via the use of SSL technology from Thawte. Thawte is one of the most respected certification companies, used by over 40% of secure servers worldwide. Using SSL technology, the web browser encrypts all data going from the customer's web browser to the web server and back, therefore ensuring the data cannot be read by unauthorized parties. DXF Enterprises, Inc. offers secure web servers for use with sensitive applications such as on-line credit card handling.

In line with our Mission Statement, we charge reasonable fees for design and implementation of your application. Generally speaking, most applications can be designed and implemented for well under $1000. Applications already created can be modified for significantly less than that. Because nearly every business has different needs, we suggest you contact us to discuss your application.