DXF Enterprises, Inc. is devoted to providing web page design and web site hosting services for small and medium size businesses at affordable prices.

We understand smaller businesses don't have the resources to pay outrageous fees. We keep overhead to the essentials and therefore can offer the same services as larger companies at fraction of the cost. We provide personal attention and even custom programming and scripting at reasonable costs.

We can go on about how great our service is, but we'll leave it up to our clients. Just visit their web sites and ask.
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  • Compete with larger companies on the same level
  • Increase business visibility
  • Increase awareness of all services you provide
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Conduct on-line transactions (selling, billing, etc.)
  • Low cost: Web sites cost a fraction of traditional advertising costs.
  • Increase productivity

  What is our "new approach", why are we different? We have encountered many businesses with "web sites" - yet often even the business owners don't know what's on the web site or the information is out of date; worse yet, we often encounter "Under Construction" sites. Why would you pay for a service like this, however cheap it might be?

At DXF Enterprises, Inc. we take an active position. We suggest what information you should put on your web site, how to best present it, how to place it on the page. We work with you on formatting the information, designing your logos. We can even take pictures of your place of business or the products you sell. We advise you on how best to conduct business on the web and be successful at it.

In short, we provide a total solution - we don't abandon you once you sign up with us. We are committed to building your web presence with you and grow your business together.